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It's hot and it's available now!

We are pleased to announce the availability of DSL in the Auburn area!!

VFR is now offering DSL service but only in the Auburn.  We hope to have it in other places soon.  

DSL stands for “Digital Subscriber Line.”  It is a high speed connection to the Internet.  Most modems connect at somewhere between 33 KBaud (KB) and 50 KB.  With DSL the target connection speed is usually 384 KB.  (See special note below regarding speed)   This will make your Internet experience much faster and more enjoyable.  This is a full-time connection so you will not have to dial-up anymore.  You just sit down at your computer, click on e-mail or your web browser, and it works because it is already connected.  

What’s the price?  The price depends upon what specials our supplier may be having, where you are located and whether this is a residential or business installation.

For pricing information go to our pricing page by clicking here:  Pricing Information

From time to time our suppliers may offer rebates.  Our price sheets will advise whether rebates are available.  When rebates are available the rebates come directly from the suppliers, not VFR.  You will be expected to pay VFR for the full installation and then apply to the supplier for your rebate.

There are some special requirements for DSL service:

  1. You must sign and return to us a contract agreeing to purchase the service for a one year time period and setting forth other terms and conditions. 
    You can read and print a copy of the residential contract by clicking here:  DSL Contract and Order Form

       (Note:  The contract is in Adobe Acrobat format.  You must have Acrobat reader to be able to view the document)

  2. You are responsible for purchasing and installing a network card in your computer, if you need it.

There are some caveats to DSL service.  Primary among them is that a DSL connection doesn't save you from traffic jams on the internet - it just opens a broader window on that traffic jam.  For example, you may still encounter delays caused by an overloaded server or a traffic jam at a network access point.  If you connect to Company XYZ's home page server, and that server is busy, then you will wait your turn just like everybody else.  To use an analogy, you can fly the concorde supersonic transport to New York City and get there real fast.  But once you get there you are stuck in traffic jams just like everybody else.  We have no control over the traffic jam.  

How do you sign up?  Before you sign up we have to make sure the service is available where you live.  As a rule you can’t be farther than about 2.5 miles from the telephone central office to enjoy full DSL.  You can be up to 7 miles away and have a slower speed DSL.  Other places are just out of luck for the time being.

The first thing to do to start the "sign up" process is to send us an e-mail telling us you want DSL.  In that e-mail tell us what your physical address is (we can't use a Post Office box), city, state, zip and your area code and phone number.  We will make a preliminary determination whether you qualify for DSL and advise you.  Then we will proceed from there.  

How long does it take?  We are told to expect at least two to three weeks from placement of order to installation.

To send us an e-mail click here

If you need DSL for your business, please call us for different rate and speed information.

We look forward to serving you with this new technology.

A special note about speed:  The speed of your DSL connection may vary from the numbers set forth above.  There are many factors which will determine the speed of your particular connection.  Among these are the quality of the copper line from your computer to the telephone company central office and your distance from that central office.  We have seen some DSL installations with speeds in the upper 100's and others approaching 700.  There is simply no way to predict prior to the actual installation.  That is why we cannot and do not guarantee any particular speed.  We do promise, however, to use our "best efforts" to provide you with the fastest connection possible for the level of service ordered.

Because of variations in the telephone company wiring infrastructure, VFR cannot guarantee that a particular service or speed will be available to you until we actually complete the service set-up, even if we believe that it should be available and accept an order for it. All orders are subject to downgrade or cancellation as a result of unforeseen problems with the wiring infrastructure. However, statistically, the vast majority of the orders we accept are successfully installed at the speed offered when the order was received, and we are constantly refining our ordering tools to further improve their accuracy.